Before buying a new watch, use Rolex as an example

Few words of wisdom from Ariel Adams who runs the popular on buying a new watch - "make sure you get as least as much as a Rolex":

“Rolex set the bar for price, quality and timelessness. Their steel models set a bar for what kind of quality you should get at a certain price point. you get a lot for your money. They are by no means cheap, but if you’re spending $8000 on a watch, make sure you get as least as much as a Rolex. If you spend more, you should be getting more. If you’re not sure, compare your selection against a Rolex and see how you feel.”
And here is another advice by Ariel Adams when purchasing a watch for around $10,000:
"This article is about measuring value when looking to purchase a watch which is priced in the $7,000 – $10,000 range. The concept being that not all watches priced in the same class deliver “as much watch.” My suggestion is that consumers (both educated and novice) use what I call the “Rolex Submariner Test” of value. More specifically, does the $7,000 – $10,000 watch you are looking at deliver as much or more value than a Rolex Submariner watch."