12 things you probably did not know about Rolex watches

Here is a list for 12 things you did not know about Rolex watches:

  1. GMT and Explorer II Rolex’s can work as a compass
  2. Rolex Service is 5 – 7 Years
  3. Rolex produced the first Greenwich Meantime Watch with the GMT Master
  4. Only Rolex uses 904L Steel
  5. All modern Rolex models use white gold in the hour indices and hands
  6. 1926 : Rolex introduces the first waterproof case called the “Oyster”
  7. You can change the time and set the date anytime with a Rolex
  8. Rolex is the longest single continuous ownership of any Swiss watch company.
  9. Rolex introduces their first model that displays the day and date in 1956
  10. Rolex is the first company to introduce a date window, and a date function that progresses the date precisely at midnight.
  11. All Rolex watches have a Breguet overcoil
  12. Rolex made the first self-winding watch
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