Advantages of ceramic bezels / watches

Omega Dark Side of the Moon ceramic watch

In the last few years many watch manufacturers started using ceramic for their bezels or even cases (like the latest Omega Dark Side of the Moon pictured above - the entire case is made out of polished ceramic). Here are some of the main advantages of ceramic:

  • Durability: ceramic is very strong - it scored 1250 HV on the Vickers hardness test, compared to 600 HV for steel and 2200HV for sapphire.
  • Comfort: ceramic is thin, lightweight and smooth which makes it a comfortable fit for watches.
  • Resistance: ceramic is their scratch resistance and the watch keeps looking like brand new even after few years of wearing - this is one of ceramic's best characteristics and the main reason why it was chosen by many watch companies.
  • Aesthetic appeal: a ceramic bezel or watch just looks very nice.
  • Easy cleaning: you can clean ceramic with just a cloth and non-abrasive cleaner.
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