The best diver watch deal: Helberg CH8

The new Helberg CH8 watch is now available for pre-order:

Some additional information:

Last year we caused a fair amount of buzz with the Helberg CH6, when it was introduced in last October. The HELBERG CH6 had a competitive price-point and a great amount of included Pre-Order SPECIALS, like Isofrane pre-order special price or free handmade Maddog strap included, but it was also a really great looking modern-retro diver. Some of you called the HELBERG CH6 the "watch deal of the year 2014"! Thank you for the compliment.

It´s always difficult to repeat a successful story, but we will try to do so with the introduction of the HELBERG CH8! :-)

The 1970s Breil Manta inspired HELBERG CH8 promises to offer even more watch, more accessories and more finely tuned details such as its stunning sunburst-effect case finish. With two different case materials SS and Copper Bronze, two sapphire crystals (flat and 4mm domed), three dial colors, two handsets and different bezels/inlays the HELBERG CH8 offers again a high degree of customization.

Same as for the HELBERG CH6 we will offer for the HELBERG CH8 again some great SPECIALS!

1. ISOFRANE SPECIAL: The ISOFRANE rubber strap could be ordered with approx. 50% discount together with the HELBERG CH8

2. MADDOG SPECIAL: We will include into ALL HELBERG CH8 preorders one handmade black OSTRICH leather strap (RSP: 134 Euro / $170) incl. HELBERG CH8 CNC SS or Bronze buckle

3. SPECIAL for RETURNING CUSTOMER: We would like to reward all our loyal customers! Without you H2O / HELBERG wouldn´t be possible! Returning customer could get free of charge a dark brown HORWEEN leather strap with a RSP of approx. 80 Euro / $100. Please read carefully the conditions of this special in the HELBERG CH8 product description!

Get more information and join our new HELBERG CH8 pre-order here!